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Email: ADBanyan@cfl.rr.com

Home page: ADBanyan.com

Dave Sanding3

Anxious to explore the world, I left the United States at twenty-one.
I am a builder, sailor, artist, and have only recently discovered that I love to  write.

I learned to sail when I lived in St.Croix, USVI. Many of the situations in my books are based on actual experiences. At present I am living in Florida and finalizing my next book. My sailboat is on the hard, getting new bottom paint, thru-hull fittings, and gel-coat. I am working for a yacht company building cabinetry for 70′, $4M yachts.

I have three published books, ALONE, AMARETTO WITH COFFEE, and THE GLOW, with more waiting on the hard drive.
With the next trilogy I will be releasing, I will be giving up my pen-name of Alex Banyan / ADBanyan.com and facebook.com/adbanyan. I have already established the new identity of David Alexander / DBAlexander and facebook.com/DBAlexander
You can order ALONE, AMARETTO, and THE GLOW, from any book store.

Stay alert for Longue Duree’ I, II, and III. They’re completely different, other then the sailboat is somehow always included.
On any search engine or book store type in Alexander D.Banyan.  I am the only one!

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