The start of a book in Florida and Costa Rica. Drugs, Fashion, Romance, Family


I took this photo in the marina where this book started. Just like Jonah in the book, I went below deck and started typing on my laptop. A few months later, I was in Costa Rica and the two ideas came together. Lisa’s artistic talent and fashion knowledge, backed by Jonahs investment abilities, create a fashion empire that circles the globe. It wasn’t easy. There were great losses, and sacrifices, rewarded with family and generous wealth. I hope you enjoy the unusual characters in Amaretto with Coffee. Alex Banyan

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 “David and I came out here today and fished, right here. We had a really good time and I could not believe how well we get along. He’s a smart kid!” I looked back down into the water.
“He should be, he has a very intelligent father!” She said sweetly.
“Yes, you and Andres are great parents.” I said.
I looked at Loren. She was shaking her head back and forth at me.
“You are so damned blind!” She said, as her attitude did a 180.
“Where did that come from?” I asked.
“Haven’t you noticed that David’s hair is a little bit light for a Costa Rican child?”
“Yes… but I thought maybe it would darken with age.”
“No stupid… have you noticed that he has flat feet?”
The color suddenly left my face. I stared at her and couldn’t speak.
“Yes, the answer to your question is, yes!”


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I didn’t know he was my son.

photo of little boy fishing

Amaretto with Coffee, available at and most other book stores.

On a return trip to Costa Rica, Jonah takes Loren’s son David fishing while she goes to work. They have a good time and as the sun sets, Loran shows up at the channel.

“Haven’t you noticed that David’s hair is a little bit light for a Costa Rican child?”
“Yes… but I thought maybe it would darken with age.”
“No stupid… Have you noticed that he has flat feet?”
The color suddenly left my face. I stared at her and could not speak.
“Yes… the answer to your question is yes.”

Below is a photo of Loren with her twin sister Lisa…. Jonah’s wife.


NOTICE: This book contains adult content and is not available to minors.

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From Limon, Costa Rica to a Global Fashion Empire… Saborio Fashions.

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

The latest Lingerie line from Saborio Fashions


Lisa’s mother’s home in Costa Rica

Lisa and Jonah saved each other from uncommon antagonists. One from a drug cartell, and the other from a human trafficking ring. While in Costa Rica, Jonah saw a natural ability in Lisa and helped her develop it into a global fashion empire. Along with the success came casualties and hardships. The strength of the family pulled them through.


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NOTICE: This book contains adult content and is not available to minors.

#Travel #Infidelity #Family #CreativeWriting #Franchise #CostaRica #Florida #Caribbean #sailing #Twins #Children #Murder #HumanTrafficking #Drugs #NationalSecurity #Sex #HitMan #Wealth #MultiNationality #Tico #Sisters #Immigration #Import #vacation #Limon #Poverty #Fashion #FashionDesign  #Explosive

“What About Jenny?”

Dreams, for now?


What about Jenny?

It was dark and cold. The wind howled through the trees as the fabric of the tent fluttered and popped. I was alone and knew that Jenny was also alone in her tent not 100 feet away. I couldn’t sleep. Too much danger. Too much… alone.
I slid back into my sleeping bag and felt my body heat start to generate warmth against the loosely quilted goose down.

I was glad now that I had brought the roll of foil bubble wrap and flattened it under the sleeping bag. I relaxed onto my side with my back toward the nylon. I felt something pushing against my shoulder. It bumped against me over and over. I slowly pulled my hand from the sleeping bag and pushed against the nylon tent. IT PUSHED BACK… AGAINST MY HAND… SHIT!

I jumped back and watched it push into the side of…

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Nevis, St. Kitts, Right out of my book.

Yesterday, I walked in Basseterre until my feet glowed in my flip-flops. There just happened to be a parade that was really cool. Young kids, the school band, and the big drums resounding off of the old buildings. It’s a little different here… everyone I have encountered is honest, and happy. It took some getting used to. I have been using both american money and the EC dollar. I run the calculations in my head as I receive change in EC. Often in the past on other islands I have been cheated on the exchange. Here, they point out my mistakes to keep me from shorting myself. The sidewalks are tight and uneven. Often people, very nicely dressed, step to the side and wait their turn to pass. You quickly find yourself returning the gesture.

I wanted to rent a car to explore, but now I am very happy I held back and called a taxi. It cost me $12.00 US into town, and after I watched my driver clear by inches on each side of his van, and NO parking available, I knew I had made the right decision. I haven’t seen any traffic lights here, and round-a-bouts are the norm.


This island is another example of (Now you see it-now you don’t). Right now, it is still in the, Island as I like them, mode. It is changing fast though. Condos, luxury homes, more luxurious shopping, and all of the electronic invasions of our privacy that we enjoy in the US. If you ever plan to come here, do it soon.


I have three new books that go to the editor soon. The main character, Louis, has discovered how to extend his life, in perfect health. He often escapes to his secret home on Nevis in all three books. I decided that I better verify my facts before the editor slices it to pieces. In the books, Louis meets an old island man that he plays chess with in the city square. It was up the street from the police station. In book three, Louis returns to the square to discover Charles has died of old age, while Louis now one-hundred-forty-five still looks thirty-four. Throughout the books, he learns that living an extended life is not the fantasy that we assume it to be.

I stepped off of the ferry and walked onto the pages of my book. I was looking for the square and after failing, inquired of a security man at a nearby bank. I told him I was an author, and a little bit about the book.

“Yes Sir! Follow this street past the police station on the left, and the park will be ahead on the right. You can not miss it. They are setting up Christmas decorations. AND… Sir! There used to be a man there that played chess and had never been beaten… but his name was not Charles.”


As I walked I felt light headed. It was like my pages had come to life.

This is a new writing style for me and I hope you enjoy them. At this point, they are called Longue’ Duree (Extended Life) I, II, and III. (I’m playing with IV)

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Lilly and I have never had secrets.



I hesitated as I took another sip of my wine. Lilly and I had never kept secrets. (The Glow Pg 255)

Vladimir Volegov “I need to have you near me”, oil on canvas.

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“I thought you quit smoking.”
“Your mother thinks so too.”
He carefully packed the tobacco into the bowl and placed the box back under the seat. We walked down the driveway and around the tall shrubbery before he pulled the lighter from his pocket and took a draw from the Jack Black blend.
“Aaahhhh.” He smiled at me.
After a few more houses, I stopped and looked at a home on the north side of the street, a stately two-story brick home with large white columns and ivy growing on the west end. Dad just stood and waited for my explanation.
“I used to know a girl who lived there,” I confessed.
“I know. She’s married now and has four kids.”
“Damn! Four kids?”
“Yeah. Her oldest boy sort of looks like you.”

The GlowAdvertising8

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Do you read yourself into the roll of a character? This character will cause you to blush.



When you combine an artist-sailor, from Key West, a future Contessa from Ukraine, an ambitious paralegal from Germany, and an entity in a saltpond of a deserted island, can you imagine what happens?

Conform to the ADULT CONTENT LAWS of your country.

 Author is on facebook as, D.B.Alexander

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Chapter one. Louis first meets Riki in the Bahamas

She told me that her family was from Ukraine and they were chartering the catamaran with another family from Portugal.
“The boat is really crowded, and there is no escaping the constant talking and arguing,” she said. “Do you have this whole boat to yourself?”
“Yes. But I own this boat. I paid it off years ago.”
“What do you do for a living?”
“Different things? Mostly I am a painter!”
“Like walls and houses?”
I laughed. “Hell no! Although I’ve done that too! I do paintings of things and places and sell them to the tourists.”

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#TRAVEL #adult #Artist #Caribbean #cruise #Entity #Florida #Love #Murder #Romance #sailing #sci-fi #Spain #Supernatural #Hurricane #Romance #Murder #Infidelity #Travel #Florida #Germany #Ukraine #Supernatural #Kindle #Love #Islands #Caribbean #sailing #Adventure #Wedding #Art #love triangle