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Lisa’s mother’s home in Costa Rica

Lisa and Jonah saved each other from uncommon antagonists. One from a drug cartell, and the other from a human trafficking ring. While in Costa Rica, Jonah saw a natural ability in Lisa and helped her develop it into a global fashion empire. Along with the success came casualties and hardships. The strength of the family pulled them through.


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NOTICE: This book contains adult content and is not available to minors.

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Store clerk kidnapped! Costa Rica Lover. My new book… Amaretto with Coffee. Romance, Murder, Travel, Family



She looked radiant as she walked down the aisle. They had
buried the evidence of Darius beneath several silk ribbons. She
looked absolutely beautiful with her long black hair falling across
her shoulders. I faced her from the platform, as our eye contact
never broke. I took her hand and she stood beside me.

The preacher read from the Bible and I thought about how
complete my life is now. As soon as we’re legal and recorded,
all of my past, present, and future, becomes one, and forgiven.

I looked past the Bible that the preacher was holding and stared
at Loren’s legs that showed between the split in the front
of her gown. I visualized her white thigh high nylons and that she
was probably not wearing panties.

“Daddy . . . DADDY!” David pushed her ring against my
forearm and snapped me back to reality.

“I DO!” I said, as Loren smiled, blushed, and shook her head
at me. She knew exactly what I was thinking!

“And Loren, do you take Jonah . . . death do you part?”

“She flashed me a sexy smile and looked me in the eyes . . .

 paused for paybacks . . . I do!”