The Glow

The Glow

by A. D. Banyan

The Glow Cover Front Basement Pink3

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Comment from Alex

Of all my books, The Glow stays in my mind. I am taking a big risk… but I am bringing it out next.

It is about a Countess from Ukraine that meets Louis, a sailor/artist, from Key West. They fall in love against the will of almost everyone, and it proceeds with complications. Riki’s friend Berlin, from Germany, visits her while she is living with Louis Amherst. Berlin is constantly pushing his buttons and emblazing his imagination. Through the book, Louis sails to a mysterious island off of the charts that has a salt pond with a glowing, and non-human, resident. Strange things happen to the characters, and the story plot is constantly changing. This is definitely my first erotica… classified book. I pushed the scenes and possibilities beyond most people’s imaginations.

The term in the book, No Restrictions… will be embedded into your grey cells!..  Alex Banyan


Pg. 34

Markus spotted the painting of The Tired Girl, and did a double take of the chair he was in.”

“She’s beautiful… isn’t she?” I stared at him.

“Very… and that brings us to why I am here. I sent Riki out of the country.”

“I thought so… I called U.C. and they told me that she was no longer attending!”

“How true… I enlisted a private school out of the country… to continue her education privately… and away from you.”

“Why?” I started seeing the bigger picture. There was a long period of silence as he chose his words carefully.

“Riki has not been totally honest with you. I have not either.” He said seriously. I leaned back in my chair and tried to prepare for the truth.

We have dual Citizenship. We are American, but we are also Ukrainian. I am a very wealthy man and still have political ties in #Ukraine. Riki will be a Countess some day when she marries. She is in line to be joined with one of the wealthiest families in the UKR.

“But we are in #love!” I injected.

“It doesn’t matter. It will pass.” He showed a spot of sympathy for me.

“Louis… Riki grew up in a 42,000 SF mansion in Dnepropetrovsk. It has indoor pools, her bedroom is bigger than your house, and we have underground parking. When she graduates from the private school I have her in now, she will start at Donetsk State Medical University. It is all a waste of my money but it gets all of the higher education thoughts out of her head. Once she becomes a Countess, she will be only… a #Countess, with an unlimited expense account!” He smiled at me.

I was not smiling!

“Louis… can you keep Riki in the lifestyle of which she is accustomed?” He looked around the room.

“Of course not.” I stood and leaned across the desk. I edged my face toward his and stared into his eyes.

“MARKUS… I LOVE RIKI… AND SHE LOVES ME” I spun the ring on my finger.

“Is that why you spent the night with the hot little Latino Tuesday?” He got serious.

I was speechless.

“Louis… I can make things very bad for you. Or… I can make things very good for you!” He pulled a fat envelope out of his pocket and slid it across the desk.

I stared in his eyes and then at the envelope. I opened the flap and saw more hundred dollar bills then I could count.

“Fifty thousand dollars Louis, and all you have to do is walk away from Riki.” He stood to face me. I thought of the pros and cons, and then I started laughing.

“What is so funny?” He smiled with me.

“If you are here… offering me this money,” I laughed, “Riki must be giving you Hell!” I slowly and painfully slid the #money back into his jacket pocket and relaxed into my chair.

He smiled, while the veins in his face engorged.  He turned and walked to the door. He stopped, turned, and looked back at me.

“You have made a serious mistake here today Mr. Amherst!” He walked away.

Pg. 143

We both slept through the night. When I woke to the sunlight coming between the curtains, I laid there looking at Berlin. I wondered if I was marrying the wrong woman.

I propped my head up on my hand and gazed at the moving particles in a beam of #sunlight. I was considering all the consequences of changing my mind at this point.

Markus would definitely kill me this time! I thought. I smiled.

Pg. 165

We got a taxi back to the boat. Gerhardt was very… impressed with the Celeste.

“I could live on a #boat like this!” He said.

Berlin gave her father a serious look, “We do!”

Once and a while, I saw Gerhardt kick into #daddy mode. He watched his little girl be all grown up and living a good life. He seemed to be torn between proud, and tears.


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