Amaretto with Coffee, AVAILABLE NOW! Fashion, Love, Murder, Family, Revenge


We all looked at each other and I started dialing the number on my key pad. I hesitated at the last number and waited………. as I looked into their eyes.

Amaretto with Coffee

by Alexander D. Banyan



       Amaretto with Coffee is about a writer that saves a Costa Rican woman from a ships captain. A privateer working in human trafficking. They fall in love and return to her family in Costa Rica. They stole the money from the ships captain and started a fashion empire in the United States. The book takes several dramatic changes of direction prior the ship captain being creatively extinguished. A new romance is formed and Jonah’s broken family is strangely united. This is a book of family, and happy endings, that was paid for with endurance and sacrifice.  There are several distinctive characters in Amaretto that you will never forget!      ADBanyan

Amaretto Cover Final

Excerpt from Amaretto with Coffee

Page 129

At sunrise Daniel and I were airborne to Costa Rica. I carried my disposable phone and my regular phone, in my laptop case. It was on my left shoulder, and the baby stuff in a bag on the other shoulder, with Daniel in my arms. We hit the tarmac in Limon by 3AM and I called Loren on my regular phone to pick us up.

She was confused, and wanted to know where Lisa was.  I convinced her to wait until we get to the house and get Daniel to bed.

Daniel went right to sleep, and we all sat at the kitchen table as I told the story. The crying was intense as I told them that I need them to be strong. Loren was immediately in, because this man that I wanted to erase was the same man that kidnapped and beat her years ago. Momma was a bit reserved, but agreed when she realized that Lisa had been kidnapped, and raped when she was young and then years later murdered by this man. I flipped open my laptop and hooked it into Loren’s Router. We clicked onto the live camera and the Uncle Tom appeared in Real Time on my screen. I laid the disposable phone on the table and explained that this…. will ignite that! as I pointed to the freighter on the screen.

“We just want him! So we have to wait until he goes to bed” I explained.

“I have a man working for me as we speak. When the phone rings and stops, we are ready to go. So for now we just wait.” I walked into the living room as Momma and Loren stared at the screen.

When the phone rang… RRRRING….. RRRRING… and then stopped, I knew Michigan was on the plane and everything was ready.

The screen showed it getting dark in Florida, and I couldn’t  call the other phone until Captain Raymond goes to bed. We watched the monitor as we saw people leaving the boat and the Captain turning off the lights. He stayed in his cabin until late watching TV and finally got up and went into the bathroom, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

We all looked at each other and I started dialing the number on my key pad. I hesitated at the last number and waited………. as I looked into their eyes.

“What’s the last number?” asked Loren.


She reached across the table and pushed 7.

Nothing happened for a few minutes and as I started to get worried, his cabin glowed like the sun from inside it. The camera went to static as it couldn’t  handle the intense light. We stared at the computer screen as it finally came back on, to show the center of the metal roof melted into a hole above Raymond’s Cabin. As the intense light faded to flickering flames, the entire ship exploded and the flames danced on the water as the surrounding boats moved away to a safe distance.

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Article from Cost Rica Star

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