The Glow, Unusual adult love story. Key West, Caribbean, Ukraine, Germany. Even an island with an alien.


From the publisher

The Glow is an erotic romance novel with a shot of Sci-fi gracefully thrown in.

Louis Amhurst was a talented artist that lived in Key West. He lived on a sailboat and sailed between Key West and the Bahamas regularly. He sold just enough art to keep himself in food, fuel, and beer, and was content with his life.

One time, on a solo journey, exhausted Louis discovered a small island that was not on the charts. There was a salt pond on this island that was occupied by a water based entity. She had a strong influence on Louis and he keeps returning to her.

Once, while in the Bahamas, Louis met Riki, from Ukraine while swimming. Her family was wealthy and in political exile. They fell in love and planned to be married, until Louis met her maid of honor Berlin.

Berlin was a paralegal from Germany, and Riki’s best friend. She was wild, and creative, and had no restrictions. Again, he was in love.

But what about the jealous alien?

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MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We are taking on water! Erotic romance, murder, artist, supernatural.



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Pg. 322

We were getting tired, and it was too rough to sleep on night watch changes. The whitecaps were splashing across the deck. The water was cold, and we broke out our heavy weather gear.

I already had the main sail reduced into the mast as we still did seven knots across the big rolling waves. We were considering going back to Puerto Rico when the radio started screaming, “Mayday! Mayday! We are taking on water. Mayday! Mayday!

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An ARTIST, a UKRAINIAN tourist, her GERMAN best friend, and an ENTITY from a salt-pond. THE GLOW, A.D.Banyan


ADULT CONTENT                 

#adult #Artist #Caribbean #cruise #Entity #Florida #Love #Murder #Romance #sailing #sci-fi #Spain #Supernatural #Ukraine #Hurricane #Romance #Murder #Infidelity #Travel #Florida #Germany #Ukraine #Supernatural  #Kindle  #Love  #Islands  #Caribbean #sailing #Adventure #Wedding #Art

She is as unpredictable as a hurricane. THE GLOW, A.D. Banyan

GlowBerlin1     Direct from the Publisher

I took several photos of the rest of our adventure. Somehow I was panicking that I was losing such a free-thinking lover. I had never been with anyone quite like her. We took photos of us together and images of me being happy. It would be hard to sell them to Riki as depressed.
Berlin was also slowing down. I suspected she would miss me too. She spent the first day along the Keys, lying in the sun and watching the bridges and mangrove trees pass from a distance. She slept with her head on my lap during the night watch, and I kept my hand on her thigh when I slept.
In the morning, she came to me at the helm and told me it was time for one last game. “It’s called Not Yet! We can do anything we want to each other, and the other cannot deny any act you wish to impose. The only rule is that no one can climax until nine o’clock tonight. Unconditional, higher restrictions!”

#Hurricane #Romance #Murder #Infidelity #Travel #Florida #Germany #Ukraine #Supernatural  #Kindle  #Love  #Islands  #Caribbean #sailing #Adventure #Wedding #Art

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING? The same odds of these two LOVERS finding each other. “Amaretto with Coffee” by ADBanyan, Costa Rican, Child, kiss, son,

             Monday morning, before sunrise, Lisa snuck into my bedroom.  She woke me up with a kiss and I ran my hand up under her dress.

            “Noooo!”  She whispered, “I have to go to work. I will be home about 6:00.”

 Amaretto with Coffee,   by A. D. Banyan

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pg. 36

After super I sat on the couch and watched the Jefferson’s in #Spanish on the TV.  Lisa sat in the floor between my legs, leaning against the couch.  I massaged her shoulders as she played with my legs.  Momma Saborio spent more time giving us both dirty looks, then watching TV.   We grabbed a passionate kiss in the hallway before going to our separate bedrooms for the night….  AAAahhh!

Monday morning, before sunrise, Lisa snuck into my bedroom.  She woke me up with a kiss and I ran my hand up under her dress.

“Noooo!”  She whispered, “I have to go to work. I will be home about 6:00.”

I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. She pounded on me and wiggled her way to freedom.  With a big horny smile on her face she wiggled her finger at me and pulled the door shut.  I heard the car start and disappear down the road.  I slept a bit longer until I heard Momma Saborio cooking breakfast.  I got up and went into the kitchen.  She handed me some toast and butter and motioned for me to help.  I got to work and in a few minutes she was making jokes about me that I didn’t understand, and laughing.  I think she thought that I may be a resident son-in-law in the learning stages.  Loren’s boyfriend showed up in time to eat with us, and then he took Momma into town for… something?

I did the dishes after they left and went back into my bedroom.  I closed the blinds on the window, and went back to bed.  I was awakened by the sound of a car coming up the dirt road.  It stopped in front of the house and then it left again.  I lay in bed listening as someone entered the house.  The door did not even have a lock on it!  I heard the door shut and footsteps walking around on the wood floors. They came down the hallway, the doorknob turned, and Lisa quietly came into the room.  She looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She unzipped her dress and placed it on the dresser.  She stepped out of her #heels and slowly slipped off her #stockings.  She walked back over to the mirror. I slipped out of the bed and quietly came from behind her.  I grasped her hands and raised them over her head, against the door, as I pushed my body against her back.  She #screamed and squirmed. I held her solid.  I let her turn to see me and kissed her on the lips.

“I am so horny!”  I said, as I released her hands and grabbed her hips.

“She raised her knee and flattened my balls. I fell onto the bed trying to breathe.

“WHO ARE YOU?  AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY BEDROOM?” She asked. Her eyes flashed with anger.

I was totally confused.

“LISA!  Have you lost your mind?”  I said still trying to catch my breath.

She stood looking at me with a blank look on her face.

She slowly formed a familiar sinister smile, and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I am not Lisa….  I am Loren!  Lisa and I are twins!  She giggled and quickly put her dress back on.

I rolled off of the bed in my boxer shorts as LOREN…. went into the kitchen.

pg. 108.

“David and I came out here today and fished right here.  We had a really good time and I could not believe how well we get along.  He’s a smart kid!”  I looked back down into the water.

“He should be… he has a very #intelligent father!”  She said sweetly.

“Yes… you and Andres are great parents.”  I said.

I looked at Loren. She was shaking her head back and forth at me.

“You are so damned blind!”  She said, as her attitude did a 180.

“Where did that come from?”  I asked.

“Haven’t you noticed that David’s hair is a little bit light for a #Costa Rican child?”

“Yes… but I thought maybe it would darken with age.”

“No stupid…. have you noticed that he has flat feet?”

The color suddenly left my face.  I stared at her and could not speak.

“Yes!…  The answer to your question is yes!”  She said.


She giggled a little bit and stared me in the eyes.

“Well… other than the obvious answer…  I have learned that #Costa Rican #birth-control pills don’t work on #Americans, evidently.”  She giggled a little bit more.

“I don’t want anything from you, and I couldn’t be happier that I have such a beautiful #son.  I just thought that it was time that you knew.  Someday he will figure it out himself and we will have to deal with this.  I just wanted you to have advance warning and time to think about how you will handle it.”  She said, as I stared into her watery eyes.

We were lovers from different countries! Like adding Amaretto & coffee! “Amaretto with Coffee” by ADBanyan… Romance, Murder, Costa Rica,



PG. 96

      We covered the storefront windows with paper while we were working. I was impressed at how helpful Loren was while I built walls and hung drywall on them. No matter what I did, she was always right there handing me the next tool or holding the other end of the board.

     One night we worked until seven o’clock. We got in my truck and headed North on I-95. I called Cracker Barrel from my cell phone and ordered two dinners to go. I remained in the truck while Loren ran into the restaurant and picked up the order. As we sat on the couch watching the TV and eating our food I occasionally looked at what she was eating. I stabbed it with my fork and tried it. She would take her fork and stab mine and before long we were both eating off of both plates and food was falling on our laps and on the couch. I picked up some baby carrots off of the couch, pushed them against her chest, watching them fall down into her shirt. She squealed from the feeling then scooped up the rest of my mashed potatoes, crammed them up the leg of my shorts, smashing them around my unit. This became war. I found my unopened container of biscuit gravy and she grabbed the grits. The clothes were saturated and the couch was going to require a professional cleaning. We laughed as we ran down the hall together with food falling onto the Persian rug as we went. We jumped into the walk in shower of the master bedroom fully dressed. We stood with the water running, the food falling, and grabbed the shampoo from the towel bar.

     We both washed our hair and used the shampoo to clean our clothing. As the suds rinsed away I started unbuttoning her blouse, and let the carrots fall into the shower. The laughing stopped. Within 60 seconds we both stood naked in the shower with our squeaky-clean bodies in full contact. After a rapid towel dry, the activities moved into the bedroom and continued until after midnight.

     We woke up in the morning holding onto each other in my bed. I was wondering what I had done now, and how it was going to end up. I was in love with Lisa, but she has become so obsessed with her business, that the qualities that I used to like about Lisa have now become more prominent in Loren.