MUST HAVE! Book! “Amaretto with Coffee” Romance, Family, Florida, Costa Rica, Murder, Happy ending!

Amaretto with Coffee, by A.D.Banyan


                                                                      YOU-TUBE….  Amaretto with Coffee Video!

      With everyone exhausted, we called another taxi and headed back to the dock.  We all squeezed into the back while momma rode in the front with the driver.  We carried the boys down the dock to the boat.  We made up beds for them in the main cabin.  Momma had the V-berth to herself.

      Loren and I shared an unused marina shower before returning to the boat with all of the daily stress relieved.

      We closed the galley way hatch quietly and stepped over the step that creaks.  We slipped back into our cabin and shut the door softly in an effort to keep the crew asleep.  We both stripped off our cloths and slipped under the sheets.  I searched her tummy for my next son.  After failing, I wiggled my finger into her belly button.

      “Ding-Dong!…  Hey!  You in there?”

      She pulled my hand onto her breast, and put her hand on top of mine.

“SShhhhhh. Go to sleep.”


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