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       The day of the opening Lisa was a wreck.  She was nervous and often exploded in anger at me.  Loren would drag me from the room and explain that; “Lisa is always like this when she gets stressed.  She will be okay after a few sales.” She assured me.

      We opened the doors at 8:00 and didn’t have a single customer show up until 10:30.  I explained to her that people run a little different schedule in #Florida and maybe we could adjust the hours once we see a pattern.

     Lisa immediately became a gracious host and welcomed all of her new customers.  As they left with their purchases, I passed out discount coupons for their next visit, in an attempt to establish return customers.  Loren roamed the shop, assisted, and advised.  People had to only look at her appearance to know they could trust her opinion.  It seemed to be working and the money was coming in.

      One thing I had not compensated for was three #CostaRican women in my little Florida house. I decided that while momma was here, Lisa and I would sleep on the boat.  The marina was only about ten minutes up the road, and the boat had two bathrooms, too.  With the tension that Lisa was bringing home every night, she needed mental, and physical, relief.  I made sure that her tension level remained under control.  If she was in melt down mode, we motored out into the #Intracoastal Waterway and went south to one of the little sandbar islands.  We could play on the #island and the #beaches until she was exhausted, and then sleep in air-conditioned luxury in the Saborio.

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